female athlete standing on a balance trainer while having her movement tracked


Finally, you can fully concentrate on your therapy without being distracted.

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women exercising body weight lunges while her movements are being tracked

Orthelligent VISION

Fascinating world of image recognition

Our breakthrough technology makes it possible to analyze video instantly and provide you with valuable insights.

app user receiving personalized exercises from the app's inherent coach named MAX

Orthelligent HOME

Your therapist always there

Your digital physio who makes you fit again after a knee injury - individually and according to your demands.

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female athlete wearing OPED's sensor, hopping from side to side, for her to record the maximum ankle inclination

Orthelligent PRO

Recording of the joint mobility

Orthelligent Pro - Your digital assistant for prevention, rehabilitation and organization.


Linking innovative technologies

We are building the leading post-treatment database using sensor technology, markerless tracking and continuous improvement.

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