Comparative Study Between the Orthelligent System and Standard Physiotherapy

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A crucial aspect of the studies revolves around medical efficacy. Comparative investigations of interventions within specific areas of indication are carried out to assess the effectiveness of the presented methods.

[Medical Effectiveness]

Tatsächliche und potenzielle Anwendungen eines innovativen digitalen Medizinprodukts zur Heimnutzung nach Knieverletzungen – Perspektive der Leistungserbringer:innen

Caroline Schmidt-Lucke4, Betty Lischke4, Jürgen Höher5, Robert Prill6, Christopher Böddeker7

In this study, 22 physicians and physiotherapists compared the Orthelligent System with standard physiotherapy using a questionnaire. They assessed criteria such as suitability for specific indications and age groups, as well as the potential impact on patients. According to their assessment, the Orthelligent System holds significant potential to enhance clinical rehabilitation outcomes.