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DKG Live - Application of Orthelligent PRO

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Orthelligent PRO - Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Organization for Physicians and Therapists

Small Sensor - Big Impact

Ready to spice up your training and rehab? Then check this out – Orthelligent PRO is here to revolutionize your approach! In this blog post, we're diving deep into Orthelligent PRO, unveiling valuable tips and tricks for a smooth experience during usage and testing. Our accompanying video also provides practical insights for maximum benefit.

Orthelligent PRO proves to be an invaluable tool for conducting Return to Sports testing and monitoring. The Orthelligent Sensor primarily supports rehabilitation and organization. Furthermore, it can also play a role in prevention efforts. Consisting of a sensor and app, it simplifies training and rehabilitation control.

Categories for Comprehensive Testing

Orthelligent PRO boasts a comprehensive testing framework that's divided into three fundamental aspects: Range of Motion, Coordination, and Strength/Speed. These categories encompass a wide range of exercises and evaluations, ensuring a holistic approach to post-treatment. The strength of Orthelligent PRO lies in its adaptability – choose the suitable tests based on your patient's recovery progress.

Exploring the Superpowers of the Sensor

Orthelligent PRO shines with its 9-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). This sophisticated technology captures essential movement data, including acceleration, rotational movements/angular velocities, and direction. No movement goes unnoticed – it's all for precise analysis.

The FIT-Index: Measure of Your Performance

The core of Orthelligent PRO's evaluation is the FIT-Index. The concept is rooted in the well-known LSI (Limb Symmetry Index), comparing test results of the injured leg with the healthy one. The FIT-Index is relative – the lower it is, the greater the discrepancies between the legs, indicating the need for targeted training. Conversely, a higher FIT-Index signifies better symmetry. Ideally, both legs achieve 100%, minimizing injury risks.

Tracking Progress and Recognizing Potential

Orthelligent PRO makes it a breeze to track your patient's progress. For each category, you can monitor performance over time and access individual test results. This quick overview highlights areas that require extra attention. With a simple click, you can create PDF or Excel reports for printing or sharing via email.

Enhancing Post-Treatment Effectiveness

With its array of features and insights, Orthelligent PRO elevates post-treatment to new heights. Watch the accompanying video to witness these tips and tricks in action. Orthelligent PRO is your partner in optimizing post-treatment, making the process more effective and efficient.