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Markerless Tracking

Learn more about our advanced image recognition technology and its key features that enable precise motion assessment, relying on markerless analysis and ease of use.

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How does image recognition work?

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Markerless image recognition

Precise assessment of movements

Our markerless image recognition technology enables precise assessment of movements based on images or videos. Using deep learning methods and a neural network, 33 coordinate points are determined that indicate the position of points on the human body. This allows us to perform motion analysis without relying on additional markers.

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Easy to use

Only an on-Device Video is needed

Unlike traditional motion analysis methods that require multiple cameras and optical markers, our technology makes it easy to use. Only a video of your tablet or smartphone can be used to perform a precise motion analysis. This saves time and reduces the effort for manual analysis.

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Improved accuracy and robustness


Thanks to advances in deep learning algorithms and the availability of large annotated data sets, the accuracy and robustness of human motion image recognition has improved significantly. Our technology is based on these latest developments and delivers reliable and accurate measurement results.

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No additional Hardware needed

No need for external cameras or markers

Since our technology works markerless, no additional hardware like special cameras or markers is needed. Your tablet or smartphone is sufficient. This simplifies the use and allows a flexible application in different environments.

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Time and cost efficient

Besides the time, also reduced costs

Simplifying and automating the measurement process and eliminating additional hardware not only saves time, but also reduces costs. Our markerless image recognition technology provides an efficient solution for motion analysis without high investments in expensive equipment or complex setup processes, saving medical experts valuable time that can be used elsewhere.

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