Hero image showing a patient sitting on a yoga matt looking at her progress as the fit-index indicates

Orthelligent HOME

Your digital physio who accompanies you after a knee injury.

The advantages of Orthelligent® HOME at a glance

To increase mobility and improve coordination and strength/speed after knee injuries
Location-independent therapy thanks to the app
Training control and monitoring using the individual FIT index
All common IOS and Android smartphones are supported

What ist Orthelligent HOME?

Individual and unique

The Trainings program

Orthelligent HOME offers a therapeutic training program that is precisely tailored to the patient and his or her injury. Special tests are used to analyze the recovery progress and an individual training plan is created. The digital Physio Max accompanies the patient around the clock and provides feedback on progress.

Virtual & Independent

Modern Physiotherapy

With Orthelligent HOME, patients can exercise flexibly, regardless of their location or the time of day. The program enables physiotherapy without spatial or temporal restrictions and offers comprehensive coverage even in rural regions. The training plan is based on current guidelines and offers first-class professional expertise.

Unique combination

Tests and Training plan

Orthelligent HOME offers a unique combination of weekly tests and an individual training program. The tests are used to analyze the current state of recovery and adjust the training program accordingly. The program was developed in collaboration with experts and is based on years of clinical experience.

Continuous performance measurement

Course of therapy and the progress

Orthelligent HOME enables ongoing measurement of the success of the training. The app offers clear training statistics in which the course of therapy and the patient's progress can be tracked. In addition, patients have access to a comprehensive knowledge database with information on the injury and valuable tips for everyday life.

graphic showing a user of Orthelligent Home with an ailing knee

At the right time, the right test

Check-Point-System & Fit-Index

Our check-point system enables precise timing of the appropriate tests. Five phases and four check points are used to perform selected tests. The FIT index (LSI) compares and evaluates the results of the healthy and injured leg side. The Check-Points review specific criteria such as the timing aspect and an LSI score above 85% to guide the patient to the next phase and continue to monitor and support their recovery.

The application takes place in the following 5 steps

Benefits for patients

Receive a customized training program for your injury, accompanied by a digital physiotherapist around the clock.
Train anytime, anywhere with a simple and easy-to-use sensor and app that gives you clear instructions and explanatory videos.
Track your progress and get detailed statistics on your training results to monitor and improve your recovery.
Trust in a reliable, secure and CE certified solution developed by a dedicated team of IT and medical experts.

Benefits for surgeons

Provide your patients with effective and individualized physical therapy that supports and complements standard physical therapy.
Track the recovery progress of your patients by evaluating test results and gain insight into the healing process.
Trust an evidence-based training program based on current guidelines and recommendations from professional societies.
Take advantage of an extensive database of over 10,000 patients' experiences to make informed treatment decisions.

What users say about Orthelligent HOME

  • Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Höher Specialist for orthopedics & trauma surgery, sports medicine and M-doctor

    „Testing and training are the keys to success. In our practice, in addition to professional return-to-sport testing for sports clearance, we also recommend Orthelligent HOME to patients to make the most of their time at home.”

  • Dr. med. Thomas Stoffels Specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery

    „We treat a large number of patients with knee complaints in our practice. With Orthelligent HOME, we can now offer our conservatively and surgically treated patients a system with which they can regularly test the forest step of the RTS independently at home and optimize their individual training.”

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