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Orthelligent PRO

The digital assistant for prevention, rehabilitation and organization.

Some advantages of Orthelligent Pro at a glance

Ready for use immediately
Measures and monitors progress
Applicable at any place and at any time
Rehabilitation and prevention for everyday life and sports

What is Orthelligent PRO?

image of an athlete performing one legged jumps in a gym while OPED's sensor records the elevation from the ground

Comprehensive support

Prevention and rehabilitation

Orthelligent PRO offers you comprehensive support as a digital assistant for prevention and rehabilitation.

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graphic showing OPED's fit idex for a specific user

Comparisons and tips


The FIT index is a central component of Orthelligent PRO. It calculates the relative value of the test results of the injured leg compared to the healthy leg and shows you the training needs to prevent injuries. Target values between 85% and 115% in post-treatment and between 90% and 110% in prevention give clear guidelines for optimal recovery and performance.

graphic showing a physician looking down on his tablet, overseeing a patients progress

Direct evaluation

Data analysis for everyone

With the Orthelligent PRO app, patients perform movement tests, the results of which are evaluated directly. These data and graphs provide you as a doctor , therapist or sports scientist with valuable insights into the development of motor skills and the progress of recovery. This allows you to better keep track of the effect of therapy methods and make informed decisions.

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DKG Standard

Awarded by experts

Orthelligent PRO enables the execution and documentation of the test manuals of the German Knee Society. The test manuals rely on validated tests to reduce the risk of ACL re-rupture. We are proud of cooperation and our award.

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Developed by experts and scientifically tested

Orthelligent PRO was developed in collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists
Test protocols according to the scientific standard
Made in Germany - The app is approved as a medical device. We are ISO 27001 certified.
The security of the data is important to us, therefore we comply with all requirements from the DSGVO

So, what are you waiting for?

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