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Orthelligent® VISION

An innovative gait analysis based on artificial intelligence without the use of markers that sets new standards in movement research.

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What can Orthelligent® VISION do?

Gait analysis with Orthelligent VISION

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Orthelligent® VISION's AI-based, markerless image recognition technology makes it possible to analyze movements based on videos.

What is a gait analysis?

What is needed?

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To use Orthelligent® VISION, you need a standard tablet with an integrated video camera and the Orthelligent® VISION app.

How does markerless image recognition work?

Why Orthelligent® VISION?

Example evaluation

Based on precise data, the app helps you to accurately assess movements, misalignments or incorrect postures within minutes.

How does VISION work?

  • Video/photo recording

    First, the movement of a person is recorded as a video with the tablet camera (on-device camera) - without attaching optical markers. A single video recording is often sufficient.

  • Image recognition with AI

    Based on deep learning algorithms, a neural network and extensive annotated image data sets, Orthelligent® VISION uses the video recording to calculate 33 coordinate points that indicate specific positions on the human body (pose estimation).

  • Motion analysis

    Orthelligent® VISION analyzes the movement on the basis of the determined coordinate points and automatically delivers precise measurement results, for example on the functionality of joints or in the context of a gait analysis.

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The advantages of Orthelligent® VISION at a glance

Simple, fast and flexible application without markers and without additional special cameras
Precise, objective and robust measurements thanks to the latest AI-based image recognition technology
Time savings by minimizing patient preparation and fast, automated analysis - without manual evaluation
Cost savings, as no additional equipment (markers, cameras) and are required
What does Orthelligent® VISION cost?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)?

We recommend an area of 5x5 meters, min. 3m x 3m. The distance to the person should not be less than 3m. It is important that both head and feet are visible throughout the entire video (the patient can, however, step out of the screen, turn around and walk through the image again without any problems).

Orthelligent VISION requires 6 steps at a time.


Yes, the license can be used for several tablets at the same time.

No, a treadmill is not required for gait analysis via Orthelligent VISION. The AI recognizes the gait phases in a natural environment.
Nevertheless, a treadmill can also be used (especially if the premises are very small).

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First pilot studies

We already compared Orthelligent VISION.
The validity and reliability of AI-based motion analysis have been extensively investigated in studies for several years - including in comparison with conventional marker-based video systems. The publications already available indicate that AI-based technology can deliver robust and valid measurement results.

Study 1: Comparison with Simi Motion


There was a very high level of agreement between the measurement results of the two systems for all five movement sequences. The average Pearson correlation coefficients for all three test subjects were between 0.988 and 0.998, depending on the movement test.

Study 2 Comparison with goniometer - knee


The measurement results for both movement sequences agreed to a high degree. The average Pearson correlation coefficient based on all 15 test subjects and both movements was 0.989 with a mean deviation of 7.35.

Study 3: Comparison with goniometer - shoulder


The measurement results of the two methods show a high level of agreement for all four movement sequences. The average Pearson correlation coefficient - based on all nine test subjects and four movements - was 0.978 with a mean deviation of 12.65.

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Jörg Schröder Graduate sports scientist, sports therapist

„Orthelligent VISION enables me to fulfill a gait analysis as a basis for therapy decisions quickly and easily at any location. This diagnostic method has therefore found a permanent place in my repertoire and is not only reserved for complex and "difficult" cases. Orthelligent VISION is also being used more and more as a measurement method in study settings.”