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Orthelligent VISION

Dive into the fascinating world of image recognition and discover limitless possibilities.

Discover the possibilities of Orthelligent Vision

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The advantages of Orthelligent® VISION at a glance

Simple, fast and flexible application without markers and without additional special cameras
Precise, objective and robust measurements thanks to the latest AI-based image recognition technology
Time savings by minimizing patient preparation and fast, automated analysis - without manual evaluation
Cost savings, as no additional equipment (markers, cameras) and are required
Unsere revolutionäre Technologie ermöglicht es, Videos unmittelbar zu analysieren

The combination makes the difference

Our technology

Our breakthrough technology makes it possible to analyze videos instantly and provide you with valuable insights. With our powerful algorithm, each video is analyzed down to the smallest detail and the results are clearly presented. All you need is an ordinary tablet (Android, iOS)

Many details and yet understandable

Gait analysis rethought

Whether you're a doctor, physical therapist, sports scientist, or prosthetist, our advanced solution gives you detailed insights into walking movement patterns. Capture accurate and objective data about how people walk with our gait analysis. Our powerful image recognition software analyzes every step, leg and angle to provide a comprehensive assessment of the gait cycle.

Example Report

Attention doctors, therapists, sports scientists and orthopaedic technicians!

Motion analysis. Simple. Fast. Orthelligent VISION.

Beispiel Reporting Ganganalyse
Unterstützung rund um die Uhr

Location-independent expert support

Around the clock support

Imagine being able to detect possible movement deficits or limitations in real time just by using an ordinary tablet (Android, iOS) - and even from any location. It is not necessary to be an expert to benefit from Orthelligent VISION. We've made it easy for you. With just a few clicks, you can harness the full power of markerless tracking and focus on what matters most: your patients.

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Orthelligent VISION liefert dir die präzisesten Daten, die du benötigst

The optimal foundation

Training management and studies made easy

Whether you're conducting biomechanical studies, developing rehabilitation techniques, or creating personalized training programs, Orthelligent VISION gives you the most accurate data you need. Track progress, identify imbalances and optimize performance in a whole new way. Get comprehensive insights and maximize the potential of your work.

Demoversion Orthelligent VISION

We will prove it

The demo version is convincing

Discover how our revolutionary image recognition technology can transform your field. Free yourself from subjective assessments and dive into a world of precise gait analysis. Download the free demo now and start your journey into a new era of motion analysis. Experience for yourself how accurate and advanced our solution is.

The actual studies:

Validation of AI-based motion analysis technology

For several years now, the validity and reliability of AI-based motion analysis have been extensively investigated in studies - including in comparison with conventional marker-based video systems. The publications already available indicate that AI-based technology can deliver robust and valid measurement results.

First pilot studies

We already compared Orthelligent VISION

Study 1: Comparison with Simi Motion


There was a very high level of agreement between the measurement results of the two systems for all five movement sequences. The average Pearson correlation coefficients for all three test subjects were between 0.988 and 0.998, depending on the movement test.

Study 2 Comparison with goniometer - knee


The measurement results for both movement sequences agreed to a high degree. The average Pearson correlation coefficient based on all 15 test subjects and both movements was 0.989 with a mean deviation of 7.35.

Study 3: Comparison with goniometer - shoulder


The measurement results of the two methods show a high level of agreement for all four movement sequences. The average Pearson correlation coefficient - based on all nine test subjects and four movements - was 0.978 with a mean deviation of 12.65.

Read more about our Pilot Studies

If that didn't convince you yet...

  • Objective measurements: By using Orthelligent VISION, gait parameters can be measured objectively and precisely.

  • Individualized therapy: Based on the recorded gait data, individual therapy plans can be created for patients.

  • Increasing efficiency in diagnosis: Orthelligent VISION can help in the diagnosis of gait disorders by providing fast and accurate information.

  • Early detection of gait disorders: Orthelligent VISION enables early detection of gait disorders before more serious problems develop.

Orthelligent VISION is intended for...


Trauma surgeons
Professional association appraisers
Accident assessors

Healthcare professions

Orthopaedic technician

Rehabilitation clinics

Outpatient rehabilitation
Child rehabilitation
Neurological rehabilitation
Orthopaedic rehabilitation
Sports rehabilitation


Sports scientist
Gang laboratories
Medical services
Medical supply stores

So, what are you waiting for?

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Jörg Schröder Graduate sports scientist, sports therapist

„Orthelligent VISION enables me to fulfill a gait analysis as a basis for therapy decisions quickly and easily at any location. This diagnostic method has therefore found a permanent place in my repertoire and is not only reserved for complex and "difficult" cases. Orthelligent VISION is also being used more and more as a measurement method in study settings.”

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