About us

O-DHS stands for OPED-Digital Health Solutions and is a business unit of OPED since 2021. For more than 30 years, OPED has been your partner for innovative and forward-looking medical products.

Together as a team we create products that help people

O-DHS is NOT a start-up, but we embrace a start-up mindset within a mature company. Our domain is sensors, computer vision, and databases; in these areas, we stand as experts.

We initiate movements to assist medical experts in documenting the success of therapy or revealing weaknesses at the beginning of treatment. This way, we establish global standards in rehabilitation and medical technology.

Toward our customers, partners, and employees, we have the responsibility to be a responsible, sustainable, and innovative medical technology company.

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Our magical pentagon of the working world at DHS.

Responsibility for Everyone

Medicine and medical products signify an immense responsibility for us, and to live up to this, we wanted to challenge conventional norms and create our own manifesto about how we believe healthcare should evolve.

Summit Presence - Inspired by Proximity to Mountain Peaks

We are a Bavarian company with a global reach. Both DHS and the OPED headquarters are located near Munich, but our team comes from all over the world and is spread across the entire country. In the DHS office, you'll encounter a multinational team, with members hailing from more than 5 different nations with scientific backgrounds ranging from physics to sports to economics.

A Job, Tailored to Your Preferences

We comprehend that exceptional individuals desire the freedom to execute their work in their own way. We believe that everyone should have a clear vision of what they require concerning their work style. That's why from the very beginning, aspects like remote work, flexible hours, and personalized workflows have been essential to us. Develop the structures that align with your work process and find a way to achieve the goals as a team!

Thinking Big

Our goal isn't merely to transfer futile paper processes onto screens for medical professionals and staff. Our goal is to enhance motion analysis, particularly gait, to make it more efficient, aiding patients and medical personnel wherever they are on the planet. We will establish global standards for the treatment, production of aids, and research.

A Culture of Action, Passion, Appreciation, and Honesty

We engage in candid conversations with each other - in both good times and bad. We believe that open, honest, and respectful communication can resolve issues and make tackling future challenges easier. It's through this approach that progress can flourish, and we foster a sustainable and appreciative team culture at Digital Health Solutions.

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We acquire the competencies of the future through experiences.

We comprehend the challenges that medical professionals face on a daily basis, and that's why we've designed our technologies to be user-friendly and seamlessly integrable into existing systems.

Our solutions are user-friendly, enabling intuitive interaction for swift and precise results.

The longstanding experience of OPED, along with its extensive and diverse network of experts, constitutes our medical expertise. With each customer and every measurement, we continue to expand and collectively gather insights for an even better medicine of the future.

We have extensive experience in the approval and quality assurance of medical products. Furthermore, we uphold the highest standards in data privacy and security. We are ISO 27001 certified and ensure that patient data is handled securely and confidentially to ensure privacy.

We know our customers, and our customers know us. Despite our focus on new technologies, maintaining personal contact with our customers is essential. This way, we can collaboratively develop innovative, everyday-improving products with state-of-the-art technology. At O-DHS, we take pride in offering our customers pioneering solutions that have the potential to transform healthcare. We are dedicated to achieving excellence and driving the future of medical diagnosis and treatment forward.