Increased Adherence through Digital Rehabilitation after Knee Injuries

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An essential aspect of the studies focuses on medical effectiveness. Comparative investigations of interventions in specific indication areas are carried out to assess the efficacy of the presented methods.

[Medical Effectiveness]

Erhöhte Adhärenz bei digitaler Rehabilitation zusätzlicher zur Standard Physiotherapie nach Knieverletzungen

Jürgen Höher5, Betty Lischke4, Natalie Mengis8, Wolf Petersen9, Thomas Stoffels10, Caroline Schmidt-Lucke4

The primary endpoint of the study was the adherence of patients with an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury to their rehabilitation protocol – with and without the addition of Orthelligent to standard physiotherapy. The group using Orthelligent showed significantly higher levels of adherence to rehabilitation recommendations compared to the control group. According to the study authors, Orthelligent has the potential to enhance clinical rehabilitation outcomes and enable evidence-based tele-rehabilitation.